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Despite the lazy facade of Sihanoukville there are lots of things to see and do around town and a little further afield and many modes of transport, some of them almost unknown despite being cheap and fun.


For long haul travel there are two very neglected transport options, flights to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are often as low as $40 and sometimes a lot less. The catch is that you cannot book online. Mick at Ana Travel and Tours can help you with this.

Ana is just across the road and up the hill towards the Lions.

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Another Nearly unknown form of local transport is the new passenger Train Service running Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You will need to go to the station several days in advance to book. It costs $7 to Phnom Penh and stops in Kampot and Takeo.

It is aircon and you can take your bicycle or moto for a small fee.

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Small motos are for hire everywhere for around $3-$5 / day. You do not need a license if under 125cc no matter what  the cops say. The police in sihanoukville will pull you over and fine you whether you have done anything wrong or not. You can possibly argue your way out of it or just pay them $1 if you have done nothing wrong. If you are riding with light on during the day, you will be fined. If you do not wear a helmet you will be fined. Sometimes they will ask to see what is in your pockets. They have no authority to do this so just politely tell them no.If you have never ridden a bike before, think twice especially if you have had a few drinks. Wear long trousers and shoes. It is super dangerous.



These can take you everywhere and I like them. Between $15 and $25 for a very long day is fine.

Longtail Boats


Small ones  be hired for between $40 and $50 a day and are fine for visiting the close inshore islands.

For those interested in the local boats, click here to see a really great website called boatsand